Our Approach

You could also call this “Our philosophy” or “Our vision.” What really drives Mainly Custom is our passion towards attracting attention to the benefits of burning wood for heat and hot water.  Mainly Custom pride ourselves on being honest and offer a realistic, individualized approach for each of our customers.  This includes the assisting our customers with the financial understanding towards the system cost to it’s benefit. What sets Mainly Custom apart from others in the same industry is that at Mainly Custom, we do not just sell you a furnace, Mainly Custom is a full service company that sells, delivers and installs as well as maintain your new or pre-existing system.

“One Call Does It All”

Mainly Custom installs and sells furnaces throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. (EPA certified in Maine and Vermont)


Our Story

After 22 years of professional truck driving with a CDL, Richard Emmons decided to build a business. In 2003, Mainly Custom Sawing and Transportation was born.  Shortly after Mainly Custom Sawing and Transportation was started, diesel fuel began to rise well above any national average and running a business based on transportation was getting increasingly harder. Around this same time, Richard and his wife, Mary-Lou, were in the process of building a house. After their first winter with growing heating bills, they knew something needed to change. After seeing an outdoor wood boiler before, Mary-Lou and Richard decided to learn more about how it could help heat their home. It was a no brainer for the Emmons’, a wood boiler was exactly the way to go. Richard knew he wanted to be the one to install it so that at any point, he’d also be able to service it.

A season went by with their new wood boiler and a lot of things began to click. They had the land that allowed them be self-sufficient, meaning they controlled their heating cost. They also began to think about how many other people could benefit from enjoy a life of self-sustaining heating sources. Oil prices were continuing to risie significantly and so was the availability of wood pellets. Richard recognized that people could really use this type of heating, so in 2005, Mainly Custom was born. Richard went head first into absorbing any information he could on outdoor wood boilers. He began selling and installing them up and down the northeast. What he realized was that there were plenty of places that sold brand new outdoor wood boilers, but none that install them. The process to install isn’t just a plug-and-play type of installation. It takes vast knowledge of excavation, plumbing, and electricity to properly install. Richard prides himself in his ability to be a “one stop shop”.

In 2015, Richard and Mary-Lou Emmons were proud to announce the transition to Mainly Custom, LLC. Their single focus on boilers and with an impressive history of over 10 years and 157 installs they are the logical choice for wood boiler sales, service, and installation. As a Master Oil Burner and Solid Fuel Technician Richard is your trusted choice for an investment for any home or business.